Boston Waterfront Hotel

The Envoy is a visionary, Boston Hotel near both the Innovation and Seaport District. It’s bold, original style of hospitality is unmatched near Boston Harbor. The inspired community and growing interest in the area has brought about many changes and innovations. Let’s learn more about the Boston Waterfront area, so you can plan ahead and get the most out of it during your stay.

The Boston Waterfront is made up of separate, distinct neighborhoods, as well as the Harborwalk that runs along the water near shops, restaurants, and other fun stops. Our hotel is extremely close to the harbor, right off of Seaport Boulevard. Before setting off to explore, you’ll need to decide what’s most important for you to see on your journey.

Many guests enjoy exploring with one destination spot in mind, like a specific place to eat, while stopping at anything that catches their eye along the way. As long as you’re bundled up during the fall months, walking around is gorgeous near the harbor on a clear, sunny day. There are two nearby parks, the Children’s Wharf Park and the Fan Pier Park, both of which provide great walking and biking paths, as well as spots to sit and enjoy the views.

A little more than a quarter-mile away from the hotel is The Institute of Contemporary Art, which hosts many great events and galleries throughout the year. Click here to check out their website to see what their agenda and calendar currently looks like. Whether you walk, drive or take a water taxi, if you head up north from the hotel, there’s another whole area near the water with a lot to offer.

Near the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, there’s the New England Aquarium, with over 2000 animals and a giant ocean tank. The Wharf District Park also runs along Atlantic Ave, offering beautiful waterfront views, paths, and benches. With many taverns and bars just inland, this harbor area is a great place to check out during the day before heading to dinner or to grab a few drinks at night.

Whether you’ll be visiting with family, for a business trip, or simply exploring the Back Bay by yourself, the Boston Waterfront has plenty of variety and things to do. It spans quite a wide area, so planning ahead is the key to being satisfied with your visit, especially if it’s your first. Booking your stay at The Envoy Hotel is a great first step. We’d love to have you stay with us.

Give us a call at 617 338 3030, or scroll up now to book your reservation online on our website. We also have Special Offers running from time to time, so it’s worth checking out that page as well. Our packages and rates change often, so it’s always best to book your reservation when you see something that interests you and fits for the dates you plan to be here. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you book your stay today.