The Envoy Hotel Boston - Lookout Rooftop Bar

Innovation District has always been one of the best areas in Boston to begin your tour of this grand city, and The Envoy Hotel is one of the premier choices for accommodations at Boston’s seaport district.

Surrounded by water and the magnificent city skyline, The Envoy Hotel boasts of luxurious, modern accommodations fit for every type of guests, and renowned five-star service that will surely make your stay a classy and memorable one.

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Boston Children's Museum

The Boston Children’s Museum has been serving the greater Boston area for a hundred years, and is recognized as a leader in the global museum community.

Visited annually by droves of families and kids, this kid-friendly museum is actually a research institution that focuses on children’s exhibits, educational exhibits, and many more.

Visiting the Boston Children’s Museum is visiting a unique haven for many kinds of learning experiences for kids, and the impact the museum can have on children is invaluable. The Boston Children’s Museum also curates and maintains a unique collection of museum items numbering 50,000 as of last count.

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The holiday season is in full swing – streets are bustling, inboxes are overflowing, and party invitations are filling up your calendar. It’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed, but don’t let the chaos Scrooge up your holidays. Show yourself a little appreciation during this time of giving by booking a getaway during our Cyber Monday sale. Escape to our charming boutique hotel in a vibrant Boston neighborhood to experience some of the nation’s best restaurants, art and culture.

Treat yourself and then spread the love to your destination’s local organizations. Cash in some of that Cyber Monday savings to support the places that keep the neighborhood thriving. Keep Boston looking as sharp as your vacation ‘grams and humble brags when you buy, eat, and go local.

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The Envoy Hotel Boston Seaport District

The Boston Seaport District is pretty much like the sea: stunning surface that’s even more meaningful when you go deeper into it, and has a universal appeal to all tourists regardless of where they came from originally. Whether you are a US tourist or a globetrotter, the Boston Seaport District should definitely be on your bucket list for travel.

Among the great places that you can visit here are:

– Boston Convention & Exhibition Center – Tons of conferences and exhibits are held in this place, as well as smaller events that involve local/international culture, music, and art. One of the busiest places in the city and for good reason: business, industries, and other sectors meet here to explore and discuss every month.

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Envoy Hotel Guest Room

The Envoy Hotel in Boston is one of the best places to stay when you want to enjoy the local city culture, dining, and more.

In addition to having wonderful accommodations, courteous staff, its own iconic bar upstairs and full-service kitchen downstairs, the Envoy Hotel is also very generous with its promotions.

This year, the Envoy Hotel is headlining four wonderful promotions for the hotel that you may want to check out if you have always wanted to enjoy Boston in absolute comfort and class. The first promotion is the “Whenever Weekends at the Envoy.” Book your stay today and use the promo code ZX0.

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Boston Freedom Trail

Boston in fall is majestic, with its own unique beauty and attraction for tourists coming in from all over the country. Foliage color begins to change at this time of the year, and a simple stroll down any boulevard or street becomes an instant foliage tour as well.

The average temperature in September is 73° and steadily decreases to 62° in October. Around November, you will have breezy evenings at a still comfortable 58°.

As for what to wear when you visit Boston, know that native Bostonians like to keep it simple and casual. The weather can be sometimes unpredictable in the city, so it would be best to bring clothes for both warm and cold weather. Simply dress according to what the weather requires and you should be fine during your visit. And when your clothes are ready, make sure that you do (at the minimum) these five fun things in Boston during the fall.

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Envoy Hotel Boston Accommodations

While it is  a given that the Envoy Hotel in Boston is one of the hottest places to be when visiting the city, there  are still some lesser-known things about our hotel that makes it even more special to guests, especially those who are coming into the hotel and city for the first time. Here are three things you didn’t know about the Envoy Hotel in Boston:

One: The Envoy Hotel is inspired by the city of Boston itself

The Envoy Hotel stands proudly in the city of Boston, at Innovation District, and everything about the hotel is reflective of the vibe and heritage of this magnificent seaport city.

The architecture of the building, as well as the actual focus on providing great amenities while remaining adventurous and eclectic are some of the lesser known strengths of the Envoy Hotel.

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Guest Room Queen Beds - The Envoy Hotel

When you step into the Envoy Hotel for the first time, two words will immediately come to mind: elegant and creative. Rarely do we see these two concepts come together so seamlessly as in the case of The Envoy Hotel, which boasts of finely curated interiors and the most original room layouts designs not just for comfort, but for the highest appreciation of the city itself and the harbor.

The Envoy Hotel’s accommodations are what we call “harbor oriented,” which means the rooms will offer at least partial views of the Boston Harbor, which has played such a keystone role in the evolution of this modern and dynamic city.

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Boston Harbor Cruises

Boston is known for being one of the prime getaways in the state and the Seaport District is one of the best places to visit. The Envoy Hotel is at the heart of the Seaport scene, and is the most convenient lodging if you’re visiting the beautiful city of Boston soon.

Here is our rundown of the top summertime places to visit in Boston after booking your stay:

The New England Aquarium – Makes complete sense right? Since Boston is a seaport city, it would have easier access to the denizens of the sea and the New England Aquarium never has shortages when it comes to displaying the natural beauty of the underwater world.

The most popular exhibits at the New England Aquarium are the penguin exhibit and the stingray touch tank. There are other shows that are periodically shuffled, but you can be sure that there will always be sea-themed shows at the aquarium for the entire family to enjoy.

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2018 Boston Memorial Day Celebration

Memorial Day is on May 28 and in Boston, this period also happens to be the beginning of summer in this great, modern city. With the warm weather comes tourist season – a time to enjoy the warmth and the great sights and experiences that come with visiting Boston this time of the year.

There are a ton of activities waiting for you in Boston Memorial Day. One of the more well-known events that kick off Memorial Day would be the Garden of Flags event, spearheaded by the Massachusetts Military Heroes organization. A total of 37,000 US flags will be planted at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. This is done to commemorate all the servicemen and women who have offered their lives for the country since the Revolutionary War.

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