2018 Boston Memorial Day Celebration

Memorial Day is on May 28 and in Boston, this period also happens to be the beginning of summer in this great, modern city. With the warm weather comes tourist season – a time to enjoy the warmth and the great sights and experiences that come with visiting Boston this time of the year.

There are a ton of activities waiting for you in Boston Memorial Day. One of the more well-known events that kick off Memorial Day would be the Garden of Flags event, spearheaded by the Massachusetts Military Heroes organization. A total of 37,000 US flags will be planted at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. This is done to commemorate all the servicemen and women who have offered their lives for the country since the Revolutionary War.

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Envoy Hotel Seaport District Things To Do

The Seaport District in Boston is a tourist and traveler’s haven and staying at the Envoy Hotel is just one of the perks of visiting the modern city. The first place to be at the Seaport District is the One Seaport, which is a premier commercial area with dining spots, shopping and other commercial spaces situated on three acres of land.

Here you can find fitness centers, great local and international cuisine, and great modern Boston architecture (they have two towers – The Benjamin and The Via). There are also seasonal events held here. Enter 60 Seaport Boulevard and you can easily get here from the Envoy Hotel.

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Boston Waterfront Hotel Envoy

If you are heading to Boston after winter and raring to enjoy warm and memorable activities, don’t forget that The Envoy Hotel, a Boston waterfront hotel is your convenient and luxurious gateway to the city for springtime activities!

The Envoy Hotel is an AAA, four-diamond hotel that easily provides the kind of ease and relaxation that you need when you’re set against the backdrop of a busy city. With a total of 138 rooms, The Envoy Hotel is considered a pioneer in the Innovation District. In addition to providing distinct and wonderful accommodations, the Envoy Hotel has spearheaded cocktail culture in the Innovation District through its very own Lookout Rooftop and Bar, which offers a wonderful collection of standard and home-brewed spirits for all kinds of cocktail lovers.

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Fall For Art Envoy Hotel Boston

If you happen to be travelling to Boston in the coming weeks, there is a good chance that you’re raring to unwind and enjoy the local Boston scene without necessarily tiring yourself out. If this is you, then book early at the Envoy Hotel and ask the staff about their great new promo called “Fall For Art.”

Here at the Envoy Hotel, we truly believe that the appreciation of all kinds of art, may it be modern, postmodern or classic, is essential to the preservation of culture and sensibilities. That is why the Envoy Hotel has partnered with the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) so you can come visit Boston not only to enjoy the amenities of the Envoy Hotel but also to enjoy the modern art scene in the city!

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Boston Frog Pond Ice Skating

Cold weather shouldn’t be a problem if you are planning a fun vacation for the family this coming January 2018. We certainly had a blast this holiday season and  if you are thinking of extending the Yuletide cheer, you can do so easily by spending time into the new year in Boston. After an unforgettable New Year’s Eve event of your choice, you can spend a few more days in the city to enjoy the unique Boston experience during winter.

What’s truly great about Boston is it offers a well-rounded experience to tourists, both new and returning. There is something in the city for everyone. Let’s start with the weather. Obviously it’s quite cold in the state of Massachusetts in January, but this is also one of the best times of the year to head to the slopes to ski. If you like skiing or are interested in learning how to ski, you can try your hand in any of the easily accessible ski slopes.

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Firework The Envoy Hotel December Events

As of this writing, we are less than a month away from Christmas and if you’re thinking of travelling to Boston during the Yuletide celebrations then here are some fun stuff to look forward to in Boston:

#1, Staying until New Year’s Eve?

If you are, then make sure that you come to First Night Boston, an annual galore that will help Boston natives and tourists celebrate the coming of 2018 with a massive BANG! To watch magnificent fireworks displays, head over to Boston Common or Boston Harbor. If you’re near Copley Square there is also a scheduled fireworks show there. Your New Year’s Eve won’t be complete without a lights show, right? Don’t miss out!

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Thanksgiving Boston

Thanksgiving Weekend is loved by people of all ages in Boston, because it gives us all a chance to reflect on the many things that have happened in life, and to be thankful. It’s also a wonder time of the year to spend time with family and friends. Thanksgiving is a great time of the year to share gifts, a delicious meal, and warm up with tasty drinks. It also gives us a chance to take a break from the day to day hustle and bustle. 

Here is a guide of some of the events that are happening in Boston this Thanksgiving Weekend:

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Boston Fall Accommodations

Boston is a fantastic place to visit during the fall season. Bright-color changing leaves, crisp autumn air, days spent picking fresh apples – no place compares to Boston during fall. When summer ends and the hordes of tourists start clearing out, you get an opportunity to explore the city on cool-weather weekends. From September to November, the city and the surrounding communities host amazing foliage, great football, a wide range of outdoor activities, and not forgetting the spooky Halloween traditions. You don’t want to miss any of these.

Here are more reasons why Boston should be your preferred fall destination.

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The Envoy Hotel Fall

Fall is the best time to visit Boston. The air is light and cool while the summer heat has waned. During this time of the year, you might also be lucky enough to witness the leaves changing. Whether you are just visiting for the weekend, or you intend to stay longer, you can never have enough of Boston. From apple picking, hiking, shopping, and dining, Boston has a lot to offer. You also have the chance to attend one of the many festivals that are held in the area. Here are some of the fun activities to attend and enjoy in Boston this fall.

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Boston Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day, which falls on the first Monday of September, is a holiday with lots of fun things do. Since the holiday falls on a Monday, you get a long weekend, which you can spend staying at and having fun at the Envoy Hotel. The hotel is packed with numerous amenities to keep you entertained all weekend long, from Friday to Monday.

Rooms and suites at The Envoy Hotel have an amazing urban view; you won’t miss out on any of the action. Guests get to witness Labor Day events while enjoying world class cuisine and drinks from the Outlook Kitchen and Bar. Additionally, our Boston waterfront restaurant and rooftop bar is a great place to socialize, enjoy handcraft made cocktails, and be on the lookout for native celebrations. The hotel is perfect for those who want to experience the great culture, taste the best dishes and drink,s and stay close to the action in Boston.

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