A living piece of art itself, The Envoy is a beacon in the evergrowing Innovation District. The hotel acts as a gateway to the famed Fort Port Arts Community and even houses a mixed-use FPAC gallery and art space. Take in The Envoy’s distinctive design and peruse our commissioned pieces of art inspired by Boston’s history and surroundings as well as the hotel’s visionary perspective. Explore the Seaport’s museums and galleries with the help of our art map or join us for the ultimate art lover’s experience with The Art of the Stay package.

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“HORIZON REFLECTION” by Maryanna McDonald,
mixed media on repurposed VHS tapes on panel

This custom commission was inspired by the horizon line on the Boston Harbor. Created specifically for The Envoy Hotel, the artist created the portrait to simulate the view from the property. Repurposing VHS tapes puts a funky, urban spin on classic portraiture and conveys the hotel’s emphasis on “being a visionary.”

mixed media on porcelain china

Commissioned for The Envoy Hotel, this piece was designed to juxtapose the historic with the modern and sleek. Using traditional blue and white Blue Willow porcelain with contemporary gold leaf, the artists create concentric circles that toy with the concept of horizon line, the sea and a journey.

“TIDE” by Janke Glass Studios,
kiln formed glass

Matt Janke received his Master’s in Glassblowing from Kent State University in 1990 and returned to Atlanta shortly after with his family. Upon arriving he discovered there were no glassblowing studios in the city and he, along with his wife Kim, set out to create Atlanta’s first glassblowing studio – Janke Glass Studios. The artist’s mission is to expose and promote the art of glass making and provide other artists the opportunity to practice their craft. The ombre coloration of the glass reflects movement, emphasized by the undulating glass panels and creating a wave effect.

“READING” by Kelly Stapleton,
mixed media on vintage books mounted on panel

Commissioned specifically for The Envoy Hotel, “Reading” is intended to breathe new life into the classic and antique. The Boston skyline, which is rendered in a lightbulb, highlights the relative themes of place, history and innovation.

“MORNING LIGHT” by Nancy Koenigsberg,
copper wire, metal, and glass beads

For the past 20 years, Nancy’s work has been concerned with interlocking lines and the spa ce they form. Her interest is in creating a sense of weightlessness and luminescence by the manipulation of narrow gauge industrial wire. She explores the contradiction between metal elements known for their strength and durability and the delicacy of the textiles. These lace-like layers of nets allow for transparency and the passage of light and shadow.

“POPULUS: LIFE” by Martin Dawe,
resin and enamel

Martin Dawe is a sculptor who works primarily as a commissioned artist in a variety of mediums. Martin is well known for his figurative and representational works, which range from loose, impressionist work, to traditional sculptures with a late 19th-century style. An expert in sculpting, mold making, casting and implementation – Martin began his own custom sculpture studio in 1987.

“MOSWETUSET” by Donald Martiny,
polymer and pigment on aluminum

The custom piece “Moswetuset” was commissioned by Donald Martiny and named for the Native American tribe’s term for the Boston Harbor area before the first settlers came over. Martiny currently lives and works in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and has studied at the School of the Visual Arts, The Art Students League in New York, New York University, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The artist’s work is in private collections in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles.