For work and for play, to gather and connect, there’s a new port of call. Its name is The Envoy Hotel. Right in the heart of the Innovation District, this 136 room, modern, forwarding-thinking hotel was built with a comfortable, easy going vibe in mind. Toss in a dash of class and showmanship, and you have The Envoy.

Opened in September of 2015, the hotel offers a new vantage point for locals and travelers alike. The innovative hotel boasts custom furnishings, stylish designs, and some of the best possible views of the city. The Outlook Kitchen and Bar highlights locally inspired dishes, sourced food, and an array of handmade craft cocktails. The Lookout is The Envoy’s rooftop bar, showcasing the Boston skyline like no other spot downtown.

If you’ve never been before, the historic city of Boston is a treat to explore. The interesting local culture, the fantastic dining, and nearby sights make it the perfect spot for many types of travelers. The Boston Seaport accommodations at The Envoy are inspired by the Innovation District’s modern, forward-thinking spirit. With many glass elements, the rooms boast sophistication in their overall design.

Drawing open the curtains, you’ll be treated with a city or water view, thanks to The Envoy’s unique vantage point. The well-designed spaces function seamlessly, with a fantastic blend of sensibility and sophistication. Authentic finishes and crafted furnishing top it all off, making The Envoy a unique experience of its own accord.

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Planning a getaway in the East Coast? Forget New York and, instead, make plans to explore the historic city of Boston. There’s so much to see here and the local culture is also rather delightful. Also, if you’re looking for a gastronomic adventure, Boston is known as one of the country’s hot spots. This is mainly due to the blessed bounties of the sea, which local chefs enjoy experimenting with to present new, appetizing flavors to both local diners and out-of-towners lured to the city because of Boston’s reputation as a city to experience through its sights, smells and tastes.

But apart from the lovely sights, the interesting local culture and the fantastic eats, you’re likely to enjoy the vast array of accommodations available in Boston as well. Looking for a charming little bed and breakfast where you can completely relax? A “link” of a world class hotel chain? Or maybe a swanky new hotel that has a “nostalgic yet new” concept? You surely won’t have a difficult time finding accommodations to suit your style.

If you’re looking for Boston seaport district accommodations because your getaway is based on a strategic location, the Envoy Hotel is a great one to consider. This hotel is within close proximity to some of Boston’s most famous establishments.

Apart from its strategic location, the Envoy Hotel delights because it’s such a beautiful modern hotel. It has an incredibly chic design and its rooms boast of artistic details that are entirely unique to the hotel. The signature element of the Envoy’s rooms is the curated glass map door framing the bathroom. It’s a collage of area maps set within a gorgeous hombre blending of greys to yellows. This door is both artistic and functional and it brings a lovely splash of color to every room.

Likewise, rooms are abundant with glass elements, which boost the sophistication of the rooms’ overall design. There are also innovative integrations to the design, such as especially crafted furnishings and special finishes that create the illusion of texture.

The amount of artistry directed toward the design of the different rooms of the Envoy ensures guests’ visual pleasure. This is hard proof that when it comes to interior design, Boston definitely doesn’t lag behind.

So, explore a different side of Beantown — the fiercely chic and elegantly modern side. Visit the Envoy Hotel, the Boston seaport district accommodation built to wow with its artistic and innovative interior design.

Lookout Rooftop Bar

Boston’s Innovation District is an urban environment poised to embrace companies with much innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurial insight to offer. It’s a rapidly growing community made up of science and tech specialists, design and advertising creatives, and rising business leaders.

The bustling activity in this evolving hub draws crowds of locals and visitors of all kinds, so you can be sure that there will be stellar establishments catering to their need for exquisite accommodation as well as food and drink that will have people coming back — with colleagues, friends and family in tow. That’s exactly what the visionary Envoy Hotel — set right within Innovation District — prides itself in offering.

Dining with a view

With their appetites stimulated by the impressive views of Boston Harbor, guests eager to partake of the hotel’s culinary delights can choose between two options: Outlook Kitchen and Bar and Lookout Rooftop and Bar.

Outlook Kitchen and Bar

Boston Waterfront restaurants take inspiration from the state’s unique landscape and culture. Outlook’s menu is downright American in its roots and highlights beautiful local ingredients sourced according to season, thus ensuring special flavors with each dish.

The restaurant’s dinner menu, for instance, offers vibrant starters such as Mizuna and Sorrel Autumn Salad (combining ricotta salata, pecans, Asian pear, dried cranberries and a honey-cinnamon vinaigrette) and Winter Vegetables (with baby root vegetables, black trumpet mushrooms, forbidden rice and beet yogurt).

As for entrees, Outlook chef David Verdo’s signature dishes certainly do not disappoint. There’s the Striped Bass (with Maine Lobster, confit pearl onions, fennel, lemon verbena and bouillabaisse), Maine Family Chicken (roasted breast, roulade leg, black trumpet mushrooms, chestnuts, celery-apple and truffle oil), and Pineland Farms NY Strip Steak (with maitake mushrooms, baby carrots, asparagus, potato puree and foie gras sauce).

There’s also plenty of interesting conversations to be had over the bar’s creative cocktails. Take a sip of Look, But Don’t Touch (Bully Boy Vodka, lemon, sherry, hibiscus and blackberry), Common Habits (Wine Works Gin, Carpano Antica, Campari, Green Chartreuse and orange bitters), and The Details (Tequila Ocho Reposado, ginger, orgeat and lemon bitters).

Lookout Rooftop and Bar

Lookout is your top Boston destination come springtime. It’s the best spot for skyline and harbor views. It also boasts of a unique shape, a railing bar, glowing fire pits and intimate seating. You’ll also be comfortably warm and fully immersed in enjoying your night out in the covered seating areas during cooler evenings thanks to ceiling mounted heaters.

You’ll find many of Outlook’s handcrafted cocktails in Lookout’s bar menu, along with an extensive range of beers and wines by the glass. Freshly prepared and insightfully plated bar bites like Pulled Pork Tacos, The Envoy Burger, Lobster PLT, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi and Charcuterie beautifully set off the drinks and round out a wonderful bar experience.

Good eats, refreshing drinks, a marvelous Boston waterfront view, and well-appointed accommodation right within Innovation District — The Envoy Hotel and its exciting food and drink scene certainly cannot be missed.

Boston Seaport District Accommodations

If one of the things that you look forward to when you go on a getaway with family and friends is the opportunity to explore new flavors, then you will surely love the culinary-centric experience package that the new Boston Seaport District accommodations offer. This package will not only take you to one of the best eats in the city, but it will likewise give you access to the processes of executive chef Chef David Verdo who makes Outlook Kitchen and Bar at The Envoy Hotel a top gastronomic destination in Boston.

With this package, you will get to visit the source of the ingredients used at Outlook: the new Boston Public Market. You will accompany Chef Verdo as he selects ingredients to be featured in the evening’s menu. You have the rare chance to watch an expert up close and to observe the big difference in the way he shops for ingredients for his creations — and perhaps, you can pick up some culinary tips as well.

After that, you get to witness and participate in an hour-long teaching and demo session with the chef. This will really provide you better insight into his methods and how he whips up top-notch fare to satisfy loyal patrons and new guests.

And of course, you get dinner reservations (for two) at the Chef’s Table and you’ll be treated to a four-course signature menu with wine pairings like a true VIP.

Lastly, you get souvenirs of this rare and wonderful experience, as you’ll be provided an autographed menu of all the culinary items prepared with Chef Verdo, as well as photo ops with him and the other guests.

The time with the chef is not all there is to delight about this package, however. Outlook Kitchen and Bar, in itself, is a fantastic place to visit for your getaway in the city. The restaurant has a mesmerizing chic design. The place is rich with modern furnishings and artistic and elegant lighting, and it opens up to a grand view of the city and the sea, which is the backbone of the city’s popular fishing industry. This star of the Boston’s dining scene is a great place to cap off a busy day — you can just kick back and relax here as you dine on gourmet dishes and local cuisine, and enjoy rounds of drinks with your partner or a few new friends.

So, if you’re retreating to Boston and you’re looking to satisfy your culinary cravings, the Exactly Like Nothing Else Package of The Envoy Hotel is certainly worth considering.

Boston Waterfront Hotel Special Offers

Boston is voted TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award Winner for 2015 — and for a good reason. Whether you’re staying just for a day or enjoying an extended holiday, the variety of attractions and unique vibe of the place can make every visit special. But to truly make your stay worthwhile, considering the best Boston waterfront hotel special offers is a good idea.

Boston is well-loved for its perfect combination of historic charm (as one of the oldest cities in the U.S., the place doesn’t lack for significant and centuries-old sites, trails and landmarks) and young, modern culture (boosted by upscale shopping and leisure districts as well as prestigious university communities). When you visit Boston, you can go shopping, try out innovative cuisine, go sightseeing, attend art shows and performances, simply take in the energy of the place, or experience a bit of everything by taking a well-designed tour.

With the many options to choose from, it’s best to take the time to plan your stay to ensure that you’ll get the most out of experiences that are aligned with your interests, timeline and budget. Booking the right hotel is an integral part of effective trip planning — and may even simplify the whole process. At The Envoy Hotel, there are special offers designed as complete packages; these offers combine deluxe accommodations, plus experiences that will make your visit special, convenient and without worries.

If you’re into art, the perfect special offer for you is the “Explore the Institute of Contemporary Art” package. Be booked overnight in a Deluxe Guest room that boasts of stunning harbor views. Enjoy complimentary valet parking for a truly no-fuss stay. Before you tuck in for the night, you and your companion can relax and toast to specialty handcrafted specialty cocktails in the Outlook Kitchen and Bar. When you wake up, have a leisurely breakfast for two to fuel you up as you prepare for your visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). The two tickets to ICA that are included in this offer allow you to see, experience and encounter the many art exhibits, performances, films, talks, tours and programs — making the visit truly interesting, memorable and one-of-a-kind.

If you love good food, then go for the “Exactly Like Nothing Else Package – Seats at the Chef’s Table,” which includes a visit to the new Boston Public Market with Chef Verdo, a teaching and demo cooking session, culinary-inspired tokens and souvenirs, and of course, dinner reservations for two at the Chef’s Table. Indeed, it’s an unforgettable culture and culinary immersion experience.

Other packages are available so make sure to inquire and see which one truly suits your schedule and preferences. Make the most out of your Boston visit — have a relaxing stay, eat good food, explore sights and experiences, have fun with the activities and events in the area, and more, all made possible with special offers from The Envoy Hotel.


The Seaport District used to be just an area with parking lots, businesses, and one or two old school restaurants. Recent developments have changed all that, turning what used to be Boston’s usual address into one of the best areas for shopping, dining, partying, and a bit of exploring.

With more than your fair share of things to do, it only makes sense to find a place to stay in the area.

Staying in the Seaport District means you’ll be close to all the interesting spots, from a rooftop bar that overlooks the Boston Harbor to the arts and culture destination that is the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). You can grab a beer and take in the views of the harbor. After that, you can make your way to the ICA to catch a performance or to view the innovative works of art.

Of course, don’t forget to stroll on the famed Boston Harborwalk, which should allow you to better enjoy the renaissance of this waterfront destination.

Since the area is seeing a boom with development, expect to find several options for places to stay in. Your only challenge may be considering what sort of accommodations to choose in the Boston Seaport District: newest hotel or established hotel?

Your choice naturally will depend on what sort of vacation or trip you have in mind, along with your budget.

Are you exploring the Seaport District alone or with a loved one, just for the weekend? Are you in Boston for a conference and want to take in some of the sights? Or are you simply looking to enjoy the nightlife and do not want to take the long drive back to your home?

Some of the latest Seaport District accommodations may cater more to a hipper, younger market. One new hotel that is soon to open will feature tech-friendly rooms, equipped with plug and play connectivity station charges, and public spaces such as a 24/7 pantry. Meanwhile, some of the more established hotels, like The Westin, may cater more to a corporate, upscale market. These hotels will not only be priced accordingly but will also come with amenities suitable to your very needs.

You can dine and drink in your Seaport District hotel or take a walk along Northern Avenue or Congress Street to sample some of the best cuisines in the area’s best restaurants.

The good thing about picking and booking your Seaport District hotel is that you can do it online. Make sure to use a reliable website and simply book directly from your chosen accommodations.